Welcome to Chateau de Pommes de Terre

Snug on a hill in New Hampshire, we're a small livestock farm committed to creating your finest new friends. Each calf is thoughtfully raised to continue the legacy of the Irish Dexter, whether you want to show, milk, raise beef or blow your mind with a willing animal in draft.

private sale

Bull prospect: this guy charms everyone with his sturdy conformation and amiable nature. Brings quality from deep in his pedigree.


The huggable heart of it all...meet our queen and her three daughters. Spring calves and pedigree links are here, too

off the farm

Where to find us when we've loaded up for an event; show results and bovine-type items for sale.

Every man is sociable until a cow invades his garden.”

old Irish proverb

introduce yourself

Reach out for more information or to schedule a visit. 

Chateau de Pommes de Terre, 

Potato Road, Enfield, New Hampshire, United States